Issue No. 21: Bag problems we've got 'em 🛍️ + the retail war that isn't (yet) 💥

Issue No. 21: Bag problems we've got 'em 🛍️  + the retail war that isn't (yet) 💥
Has this ever happened to you? (Photo by Callie Farnsworth)

Here's something you should know about Tim: he hates plastic bags. They are a waste and clog drains and stuff, but he will tell you that with more fire in his chest than basically anyone in the city. Sadly, the city's attempt to legislate our way out of a future of a plastic bag for every storm drain has just meant stores giving out even worse "reusable" bags clogging up people's homes. Because we're solutions oriented here, Tim has a solution that will sound familiar to anyone who remembers the "Take a penny, leave a penny" things at stores. It's a future where your crush might even be impressed with you, which is always nice.

War...war never changes. (Photo via Fishs Eddy Instagram)

Retail war and peace?

Have we got a suspiciously nice story for you. What if we told you a big heartless retail giant moved in across the street from a beloved local institution, but that the beloved local institution has been doing better than ever since then? Well, that's what's going down at Flatiron establishment Fishs Eddy since Crate & Barrel has moved in to the neighborhood. Let Virginia explain why so far, the business beef is just good clean fun among competitors.

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🎅 Inflation vs. Your Holiday Spirit

The holidays are here, but inflation is and has been here too and has been punching people right in the wallet. How are some of you fighting back to save? A couple of you are stealing from self-checkout. One of you told us it's all about romance, as Kate said she's saving money by moving in with her boyfriend. Another one of you told us the exact kind of thing we like to hear: "Replacing my New York Times subscription with a New York Groove membership," says Anthony. Thanks Anthony, for choosing the right side in the coming media war.

With wild store displays and Fifth Avenue open streets and giant menorahs all at their peak these days, we want to know which holiday attractions in the city do you need to make it to every year? And on the other hand, which ones do you think aren't worth fighting through the throngs of tourists to see?

This week's newsletter was written by Dave Colon

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