Where to see all this year's Oscar-nominated films in an actual theater

We rounded up which NYC theaters have brought back the year’s biggest Oscar contenders — and are showing them for as little as $5.

Where to see all this year's Oscar-nominated films in an actual theater
It's time our readers got acquainted with this hot new technology. (Image via theatretalks/Flickr)

It’s a recurring yearly failure of the movie industry: we hit the post-New Year doldrums, the year’s Oscar nominations have just dropped, and just when there’s a fresh wave of interest in all those movies from the past year that scored nominations, the theaters are packed with the likes of the Mean Girls musical and a firehose of trailers for whatever Argylle is. To add insult to injury, some of the highest-profile nominees are stuck in unviewable limbo, having not even hit streaming services yet.

Not that streaming services are even the best way to watch them, for my money. Most of us spent more than enough time stuck in front of the smaller screens in our apartments during lockdown, and I now find seeing something in a theater to be a blissful change of sensory pace, plus the rarest of treasures: a guaranteed stretch of hours where I’m not looking at my stupid goddamn phone. (We've got a members-only post coming Friday with pro tips on how to find the cheapest and most interesting screenings around the city — stay tuned.)

Thankfully, a good number of New York City movie houses have figured out that we do really want to give them our money to go see this stuff, and have brought some of the year’s buzziest awards contenders back to the big screen — in some cases for as little as $5. 

A few more recent films from this year’s pack of nominees are still broadly screening in most theaters, so no one needs our help finding those — notably American Fiction, The Zone of Interest, The Boy and the Heron and Poor Things.

For all the rest of it, we’ve rounded up where you can still go in the city to see most of the year’s biggest Oscar contenders (as of press time, obviously), presented in order of how important I personally feel it is that you go see them:

Anatomy of a Fall 

Past Lives

Killers of the Flower Moon

The Holdovers

Godzilla Minus One



May December

Yes it’s on Netflix and yes it didn’t get any nominations, but this movie whipped and is having one last screening Thursday night at IFC. There are also a couple places showing Maestro on the big screen, so if you want to go see that, fine, but we’re not going to help you do it.

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