🎄🪩You're invited to the No Office Holiday Party on Dec. 20!

🎄🪩You're invited to the No Office Holiday Party on Dec. 20!
No bosses, babies.

In olden days of local blogging yore, there was a party, a party to celebrate all the freelancers and office-less workers of the world who felt left out of the New York holiday party circuit. It was called the No Office Holiday Party, and it was good — so good that The New York Times covered it, so good that Dave Colon was acquitted of attempted axe murder, so good that we now overlook the cringey "f*ck 2016" messaging we used to hold as naive young babies. 

After that, there was darkness. And then, more darkness. And then, there was light but it was only a Slack status indicator. And then this year we launched The Groove to do some helpful and fun local reporting, and realized a helpful and fun thing we could do was resurrect this party for the work-from-home era, so ....

🎄🪩Join us for the first-ever New York Groove event: The return of The No Office Holiday Party on Dec. 20 🪩🎄

We'll be taking over Littlefield in Brooklyn for dancing, singing live-band karaoke from Rockstar Karaoke, maybe getting an exclusive flash tattoo from our pal Will Shargo, enjoying lots of drinks, making holiday card poses in the photo booth and more.

Tickets are just $10 in advance and every dollar goes to help support our work.

Even better: Our members at the True Believer and Ace level get in FREE. Not a True Believer yet? Sign up today for only $10! (If you're already signed up and didn't your free code yet, email tim@nygroove.nyc and we'll pass it along). And let there be party.