The top 10 New York Groove stories of 2023 (our first year!)

Our top 10 most popular posts of the year run the gamut from drinking fire hydrant water to helping those most in need right now. Check them out.

The top 10 New York Groove stories of 2023 (our first year!)
Be a boater New Yorker: get caught up on our top stories of the year.

The year's almost over so you know what that means in the journalism world: time to publish best-of lists instead of doing real work! Team Groove is taking this week off for a much-needed break. It's our first chance to take a short breather after launching just five months ago, which also makes it the perfect time to show off some of the work we've been putting out.

We started this publication to bring more helpful and fun journalism to New York City and the list runs the gamut from nagging questions we wanted answered (a cup of fire hydrant water, anyone?) to things that literally help you navigate the city more easily. Please enjoy this list, share your favorites (we shared our faves last week) and we'll see you back with a regular issue next week!

10. The water from a fire hydrant looks so clean and refreshing. Should you drink it? Aug. 3
In the heat of summer, Tim answered one nagging question: Can you drink the delicious looking water out of a fire hydrant?

9. Where you can still get free COVID supplies and help in NYC Aug. 3
The federal emergency ended but COVID is still peskily lurking around, so we kept readers informed about where to get free tests, masks, treatment and more.

8. Why isn’t there a legal weed shop in Brooklyn yet? Aug. 31
Dave Meyer tackled a big question hanging over the city since the state's legal marijuana program first started: why is New York's legal weed kinda bad?

7. Why the hell are New York City venues confiscating Narcan? Nov. 9
Virginia kept on the Narcan beat this year, this time looking at why some venues are confiscating life-saving anti-overdose medication at the door, and issued a warning for them to shape up.

6. The best jury duty lunch spots in all 5 boroughs Aug. 24
Hannah Frishberg made the best of her jury duty this year, putting together this can't-miss guide to finding lunches you actually want to eat while on jury duty in all five boroughs.

5. There are thousands of vacant lots across New York City. Can we build housing on them? Sept. 21
Dave looked at a question bedeviling anyone concerned about the city's housing crisis: why can't we build on any of these long-abandoned, underused empty lots?

4. How to visit all 5 NYC boroughs by boat in a single day July 21
We believe in seeing all of the city, and of course the best way to do that right now is by boat.

3. How to hack New York’s most stressful travel hubs this holiday season Nov. 21
Conal Darcy helped you navigate the stressful season at Grand Central, Moynihan, Penn Station and the bus pickup area, so you can focus on your stressful family instead at the holidays.

2. How to-go drinks managed to flop in New York City July 27
To-go drinks were supposed to be a positive outcome of the pandemic, but, like a lot of things, it never really worked out. Tim found out why.

1. Everything you can do today to help asylum seekers in NYC July 21
We rounded up the best ways to donate supplies, aid and your time to help the tens of thousands of migrants who are struggling in our city right now. And guess what, you can still click on that link and go help today.

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